Aikido is a modern, non-violent, non-aggressive Japanese martial art, which was developed early in the twentieth century by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). “Aiki” means “blending body with mind to the movements of energy.” “Do” means “a way or path chosen towards self-realization.” As a system of self-defense it employs techniques based upon circular motions that blend with the attack and energy of your opponent.

Aikido is primarily practiced as an empty-handed art (tai-jutsu, meaning “body arts”). We study a variety of responses to grabbing or striking attacks. Rather than meeting the force of an attack head on, the defender moves his or her body out of range, taking the attacker’s balance and culminating the technique in either a throw or hold-down. As a student progresses, he/she studies the principles of Aikido through the use of the bokken (wooden sword), jo (wooden staff), and tanto (wooden knife). Weapons work reveals the importance of proper distance, timing, and precision of body movement. It also develops a student’s breathing and concentration.

The movements of aikido are generally smooth and fluid. Circles and spirals predominate in the techniques. In the rhythm of practice, partners change roles allowing each to feel both aspects (attack and defense) of the technique. The general atmosphere of training is one of mutual cooperation and respect. Aikido is a way of coordinating both body and mind through the training and discipline of learning technique, thereby energizing the body and increasing awareness.

Aikido Takayama and its members are strongly involved in the community of Mission, BC. We offer at least two all day demonstrations and "welcome to the mat" promotions. Canada Day, July 1 (weekend) and Mission Fest (2nd weekend in August). All ages are welcome to step on the mats and try aikido. We give the kids opportunities to learn to roll or take "ukemi" and learn a "take down" technique. Adults can try too. We demonstrate basic techniques and weapons forms and encounters all day. Come and join us!

Annual Community Out Reach

What if one decision could change the direction of your life? Aikido increases energy, develops self awareness and improves health. It reduces stress while training in defensive techniques. Increase your body confidence and awareness.  Our adult program runs year round and you can join anytime. Call about an interview with an instructor. Come watch a class, or try your first for free.


Adult Program (16 years & up)

Are you and your child looking for a martial art that focuses on more than kicking and punching? Your child will get these benefits from learning aikido: 

  • Increased self esteem
  • Better listening skills
  • Improved focus
  • Better fitness
  • Increased motivation
  • Street safety awareness
  • Useable self defense skills
  • A more positive outlook
  • Self regulation
  • Attention to respect & responsibility
  • New friendships
  • Student/Teacher relationship

First class is always free and a free first do-gi with new member sign up. Classes correspond with the school year.

Childrens/Youth Program (Ages 8-14+)

Everyone on the mats!

Five times a year our members' entire families are welcome to join in practice. February Family Day; April 26 (O'Sensei memorial); June 5 (Chiba Shihan Memorial); Youth Teach Adult class (End of June); Thanksgiving (October). These are terrific opportunities for our youth members to show their family their new talents and feel more comfortable training with bigger bodies. Adults demonstrate their ability to adapt and go with the flow. 

Class schedule




7-8:15pm Adult Basics & Form  



5:45-6:45pm Youth growth & forms 

7-8:15pm Adult monthly theme



5:45-6:45pm Youth growth & forms 

7;15-8:15pm Adult special programming 



8-9am Adult training with rigor



8-9am Iaido (drawing of the sword) by invitation

9:10-10:15am Aikido weapons

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