Hello everyone,

It is wonderful to be able to reach out to you and share Aikido Takayama’s Dojo re-opening plan. As the number of COVID cases in BC continue to decline and the number of people in BC getting vaccinated increases, it makes it possible for us to start planning for reopening of the Dojo for all classes and all members - adults and youth.

We will be following the regulations set forth by the provincial health officer (PHO) and the BCCDC and the direction within the BC Restart plan which you can find here:

At present (June 1st), the provincial guidelines puts us at step 1 until June 15th. After which, if all is well - low case numbers and high rate of vaccination - we will be able to expand on our plans.

Currently, we are providing outdoor classes, physically distanced with mask mandatory and only weapons classes. 

However, if all goes wel. The Dojo will fully open for in-person classes and normal class availability after July 1st, see the ATS website and schedule for details here:

Please see below for the BC provinces details on activities in the step 3 guidelines (after July 1st). 

Step 3: Earliest start date July 1

The criteria for moving to Step 3 is at least 70% of the 18+ population vaccinated with dose 1, along with low case counts and declining COVID-19 hospitalizations. 

The earliest date we move to Step 3 is July 1.

PHO guidance

  • Masks are recommended in public indoor settings
  • Engage in careful social contact
  • If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately


New things you can do

Personal gatherings
  • Return to usual for indoor and outdoor personal gatherings
  • Sleepovers
Organized gatherings
  • Increased capacity at both indoor and outdoor organized gatherings with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place
  • Fairs and festivals can operate with a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place
  • Canada-wide recreational travel
  • No group limit for indoor and outdoor dining
  • Liquor service restrictions lifted
  • Bingo halls, casinos and nightclubs can operate with a limited capacity

Businesses must operate based on a new sector COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Offices and workplaces
  • Continued return to the workplace
  • Seminars and bigger meetings allowed

Workplaces must operate based on a new sector COVID-19 Safety Plan.

Sports and exercise
  • All indoor fitness classes allowed, usual capacity
  • Limited indoor spectators allowed





If all continues to go well for BC… we will start the early intake for youth classes this summer (after July 1st) which will be starting again on September 14th 2021. 

Similar for adult classes, July 1st opening is an opportunity to sign-up and guarantee a spot in September, but if all classes are in session starting July 2nd then adults are able to join any time.

We are hopeful to see this positive trend continue for all of BC (and the world), and the reopening plan to continue. We are looking forward to seeing you back on the mats again soon.Stay tuned, via FB and the ATS website for regular updates and or changes to the plans.“Be Calm, Be Kind, and Stay Safe” - Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Hope to see you soon, 

Norine Longmire

Chief Instructor

Aikido Takayama Society


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