Aikido Takayama Return to Classes Plan

Two 1.5 hour classes per week

At the Dojo:


One (1) Adult class (1.5 hour): (Tuesday or Thursday)

  • Maximum occupancy 6 (5 students and 1 teacher)
  • No visitors or viewers, participation on the mat only
  • No contact classes
  • Masks or face coverings are required
  • Gi’s required
  • Hand sanitization before and after class
  • Class focus on core strengthening, stretching, and aikido warm-ups
  • Weapons (Bokken and Jyo) and basic movement only
  • Class drop in fee $15 pp??


COVID-19 considerations/preparations: For all practices (students and teachers):

In preparations for class please complete a self assessment. Stay home if sick or exhibiting any of the indicators of COVID-19


No mask or face covering means you cannot participate in class and will have to go home. ATS will not provide masks or face coverings.

  • Do not attend class when sick; cough, cold, sniffles, fever or any signs of un-wellness.
  • Maximum Dojo occupancy 6 (5 students and 1 teacher)
  • Wearing mask or face coverings is required (no exception)
  • Mat wash and sanitization of touch surfaces after every class
  • washrooms sanitization before and after class due to mixed use with recycling staff
  • If students have their own weapons they should bring and use them every time
  • Aikido Takayama can provide weapons if necessary
  • Weapons will be sanitized before and after every use
  • No contact classes


The dojo will have:

  • Signage on the exterior door reminding people of social distancing and not to enter when sick
  • Change room for 2 people only
  • Maximum occupancy signs for the Dojo and change-room
  • Entrance door needs to be kept clear and open for easy access and egress
  • No waiting area inside the Dojo
  • Signage regarding proper way to apply hand sanitizer
  • Spray bottle with hand sanitizer
  • Single use first aid supplies



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